More Exercises - Grade 11


We are working full steam to update all exercises to CAPS standard and also on more exercises. A teeny-weeny bit of patience, please. The exercises that have been updated are marked with a C, e.g. Interest - simple and compound, 5C.
If the exercise you are looking for is not here, or there are too few examples, please let us know by sending an e-mail.
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We comply as soon as possible.
To get to the correct exercise, please click on the number or on the description of the exercise,
for example, for exercises about basic calculations, click on the 1 or "Basic calculations"


1. Basic calculations.
2. Evaluating difficult formulae.
3. Ratio, rate and proportion.
4. Cost-price, selling-price, profit.
5. Interest - simple and compound.
6. Financial documents, account, bills, tariffs, wages.
7. Area and volume.
8. Statistics
9. Maps, routes and trips.
10. Straight line graphs.
11. Hyperbola.
12. Parabola.

Answers to the exercises.
If you do not get the same answers as these,
   1. rework your answer to check yourself.
   2. make sure that your method of calculation is correct.
   3. do you undestand the problem and the method? - consult my notes or any other text book about the subject.
If you still differ, email or fax us the problem and your complete answer so that we can compare answers.
6C. Financial documents, account, bills, tariffs, wages.

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